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Cin Dees Place

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Weekly Events and Stuff to Do.

Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays with $1.25 Tacos  from Noon till Midnight.

Thursdays are Ladies Night with Karaoke Hosted by ??????.  Lots of fun and Drink Specials from 9-1

Fridays and Saturdays are Live Music Rain or Shine (except certain holiday weekends)  Schedule Posted right below.

Feb 1st - Sudden Change

Feb 7th - 1988

Feb 8th - Voice of the Wrong

Feb 14th - Classic Performance Replay

Feb 15th - Hero

Feb 21st - Shadow of Doubt

Feb 22nd - Stimpy Rocks

Feb 28th - Thunderstruck

Feb 29th - FM77

March 6th - Morrison Hotel

March 7th - Jump the Gun

March 13th - Vulgar Display of Pantera

March 14th - VooDoo Child

March 20th - TBA

March 21th - Grunge DNA

March 27th - TBA

March 28th - TBA

April 3rd - Billy Morris and Sunset Strip

April 4th - Slick31

April 10th - 1988

April 11th - The Agenda

April 17th - Bronx Country

April 18th - Never Surrender

April 24th - TBA

April 25th - Sonic Anthem

May 1st - TBA

May 2nd - Jump the Gun

May 8th -  Color Nine

May 9th - Tilted

May 15th - TBA

May 16th - VooDoo Child

May 22nd - TBA

May 23rd - Idol Frets

May 29th - Thunderstruck

June 5th - Billy Morris and Sunset Strip

June 6th - JukeBox Hero

June 12th - Classic Performance Replay

June 13th - FM77

June 19th - Shadow of Doubt

June 20th - Idol Frets

June 26th - TBA

June 27th - Grunge DNA

July 10th - TBA

July 11th - World Zen

July 17th - TBA

July 18th - The Agenda

July 24th - TBA

July 25th - Slick 31

July 31st - TBA

August 1st - Been a Long Time

August 7th - TBA

August 8th - Sonic Anthem

August 14th - TBA

August 15th - Sudden Change

August 21st - TBA

August 22nd - Cookin Country Band

August 28th - TBA

August 29th - TBA

Sept 4th - TBA

Sept 5th - VooDoo Child

Sept 11th - TBA

Sept 12th - TBA

Sept 18th - Thundrestruck

Sept 19th - TBA

Sept 25th - Vulgar Display of Pantera

Sept 26th - Idol Frets

Oct 2nd - TBA

Oct 3rd - Never Surrender

Oct 9th - Shadow of Doubt

Oct 10th - The Agenda

Oct 16th - TBA

Oct 17th - Voice of the Wrong

Oct 23rd - TBA

Oct 24th - FM77

Oct 30th - TBA

Oct 31st - Sonic Anthem

Nov 6th - Bronx Country

Nov 7th - Hero

Nov 13th - TBA

Nov 14th - TBA

Nov 20th - TBA

Nov 21st - Slick 31

Nov 27th - TBA

Nov 28th - Idol Frets

Dec 4th - 1988

Dec 5th - The Agenda

Dec 11th - Billy Morris and Sunset Strip

Dec12th - Grunge DNA

Dec 18th - TBA

Dec 19th - Jump the Gun

More to follow