Cin Dees Place

Weekly Events and Stuff to Do.

Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays with $1.25 Tacos  from Noon till Midnight.

Thursdays are Ladies Night with Karaoke Hosted by ??????.  Lots of fun and Drink Specials from 9-1

Fridays and Saturdays are Live Music Rain or Shine (except certain holiday weekends)  Schedule Posted right below.

Feb 9th - Moving in Stereo : A Tribute to the Cars

Feb 10th - Juke Box Hereos

Feb 16th - Ball & Chian : The Janis Joplin Experience

Feb 17th - Tyrone Blues Sinsation

Feb 23rd - MoonmanTV - all your MYV hits from the 80's

Feb 24th - Sudden Change

March 2nd - Departure : A Journey Tribute

March 3rd - Kodiak : The Bear Bones of Rock n Roll

March 9th - Billy Morris & Sunset Strip

March 10th - Blackout : Classic Rock n Roll

March 16th - Thunderstuck : AC/DC Tribute

March 17th - Sonic Anthem

March 23rd - Vulgar Diplay of Pantera / 42and6 : Tool Tribute

March 24th - The Four Horsemen : Metallica Tribute

March 31st - Supergroup : 80's Hair bands

April 13th - Freaks on a Leash/Stupidity Korn and Disturbed Tributes

April 20th - 40oz of Freedom : Sublime Tribute

April 21st - Meccadeath :  Meggadeath Tribute w/Body Thief opening

April 27th - Talk of the Town: A Pretenders Tribute  w/The Permanents

May 4th - Sabbatozz : Cleveland'state Premier Ozzy Tribute

May 5th - Jukebox Heros - 80's hits

May 11th - Classic Performance Replay - Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton

May 12th - Voice of the Wronged / Wrath Icon

May 25th - Big Daddy and the Hoodoo Men -  Blues done Right

May 26th - Sonic Anthem

June 2nd - Shadow of a Doubt - Tom Petty Tribute

June 8th - Tyrone Blues Sinsation - Having a good time Playing

June 9th - Been a Long Time - Playing the Best of Zeppelin

June 23rd - Push/Under Loken Key - Dio/ Doreen Tributes

July 6th - Kodiak - Return of the Rockin' Bear

July 14th - Moonman TV - 80's Pop Hits

July 21st - Barcode - Classic Rock

August 17th - Night Prowler - AC/DC Tribute

August 25th - Annual Pig Roast with Supergroup

September 7th - Departure - Journey Tribute and Classic Rock

September 21st - Been a Long Time - Led Zepplin Tribute

September 29th - Sonic Anthem - Classic Rock

October 5th Barcode - Classic Rock

October 6th - Rockternal - Classic Rock

October 12th - Moonman TV - 80's Pop Hits

October 13th - Tyrone Blues Sinsation - Blues and Rock

October 19th - Maiden America - Iron Maiden Tribute

October 20th - Big Daddy and the Hoodoo Men - Blues Done Right

October 26th - TBA

October 27th - TBA

November 2nd - Classic Performance Replay - Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton  Tribute

November 3rd - Kodiak - Return of the Rockin' Bea

November 9th - Morrison Hotel - Doors Tribute

November 10th - Jukebox Heroes - Rock & Popo hits

November 16th - Thunderstruck - AC/DC Tribute

November 17th - FM77 - Fleetwood Mac tribute and the best of the 70's Rock

November 23rd - Billy Morris and Sunset Strip

November 24th - Vulgar Display of Pantera / and 46&2 Tool Tribute

November  30th - 1988 - 80's Hair Music

December 7th - Wreck'n - Cleveland's own Country

December 8th - Moonman Tv - MTV at it's Finest.

December 14th - Supergroup - Poison/Motley Crue Tribute

December 15th - Sonic Anthem - Classic Rock

More to follow